HUGE XRP NEWS Ripple Tranglo – Biden Russia Crypto Wallets – Bitcoin Flexport Balance Sheet

HUGE XRP NEWS Ripple Tranglo - Biden Russia Crypto Wallets - Bitcoin Flexport Balance Sheet thumbnail

Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

Big Ripple XRP news today as Tranglo announces they will launch multiple corridors using Ripple ODL. The Flex port balance sheet now includes Bitcoin. The U.S. President Biden calls on crypto exchanges not to bypass the markets in order to protect Russian wallets that are being targeted by U.S. Sanctions.
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Time Stamps
00: 00 Intro
02: 16 Bitcoin and Altcoins pump
04: 30 Ukraine, Russia, Biden crypto
11: 55 Tranglo Ripple ODL XRP
13: 47 SEC ripple lawsuit updates
17: 48 Flexport Bitcoin
18: 47 Morgan Stanley GBTC
19: 01 Intel BTC mining
20: 11 AMC theaters Doge and Shiba
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