“I Tried To Warn You” — Elon Musk’s Last WARNING & Recession Prediction (2022)

"I Tried To Warn You" -- Elon Musk's Last WARNING & Recession Prediction (2022) thumbnail

“I Tried To Warn You” — Elon Musk’s Last WARNING & Recession Prediction, Economy Prediction and Bitcoin, Crypto & Ethereum Reaction

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In his latest interview with Elon Musk, he discusses the market crash and how he predicted last year’s recession. He also describes how he sees the correction unfolding. This interview follows the crash of equity and stock markets as well as Bitcoin Etheruem, Crypto Markets, and the crash in stocks.

About Elon Musk:

Elon Reeves Musk FRS, is an entrepreneur. SpaceX’s founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer, he is also the CEO of SpaceX. He is also an early stage investor, CEO, and Product Architect at Tesla, Inc., and founder of The Boring Company.


E 69: Elon Tesla on Twitter’s bot issue, SpaceX’s grand plans, Tesla stories, Giga Texas & other

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