IA Crypto News Live: Bitcoin Bullish Indicators, Ethereum news, Defi, Tesla, Michael Burry and more

IA Crypto News Live: Bitcoin Bullish Indicators, Ethereum news, Defi, Tesla, Michael Burry and more thumbnail

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Crypto Market Update
IA Crypto News Live: Bitcoin Bullish Indiators, Ethereum news and more

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0: 30 keep calm and HODL

1: 50 China Bans Bitcoin again… “Recently, cryptocurrency prices have skyrocketed and plummeted, and speculative trading of cryptocurrency has rebounded, seriously infringing on the safety of people’s property and disrupting the normal economic and financial order”

2: 30 Raoul Pal 250K BTC and more than 20k ETH “I think BTC goes well above $250,000 in the next 12 months and ETH [ethereum] well above $20,000,” the chief executive officer of Global Macro Investor and co-founder of Real Vision financial and Crypto TV, told MarketWatch.

3: 18 Mike Novogratz – Dip Oppty Mike remains bullish on bitcoin over the long-term, shrugging off concerns
Bitcoin down 30% from ATH on April 14 Coinbase’s DPO day
Markets aren’t supposed to be simple. If they were, we’d all be rich,” BTD is still up over 50% ytd

4: 30 And the other Mike – Michael Saylor BTFD
$10.9 million to buy 229 BTC @ $43,663
MSTR now holds 92,079 bitcoins
$2. 25 billion spent
Average purchase price of $24,450 per bitcoin.
MicroStrategy shares have tumbled 47.3%
Good times ahead

5: 40 Whales Are Stacking Bitcoin
Whales aggressively bought below $43,000
However, the bearish sentiment on May 17 lasted for a very short period, as whales finally decided it was time to buy the dip

7: 00 Long to Short Ratio – Pros Going Long Traders moved from a 1. 62 long-to-short ratio on May 16 to a 2. 74 peak as BTC hit 43K support May 17
Market makers and whales have three times the length of their short positions than their long positions – VERY

9: 00 Meanwhile Retail Selling out
On Monday, net retail inflows soared at Binance
The U.S. exchange Coinbase registered bitcoin outflows while the U.S. exchange Coinbase did not. This could indicate that institutional investors are still looking for the price dip
10: 15 FS – Warning DeFi is coming for you! Banks offer 0% deposits
AAVE offers 8 %
AAVE is not popular because people don’t know what it is
or trust it.
11: 28 Ethereum Top of Buy List with Palladium
Innrs Rank has been updated to offer automated buying tips for investors.
An Investor would have a 7.5% ROI if they followed the innrs buying criteria. 57%
Automated buy bots are becoming more common.
ETH is now at the top of the

13: 00 Elon Musk responds
Tesla has never sold any Bitcoin
There is more …

13: 05 The Best Revenge is Massive Success

13: 20 Tesla News
In Tesla News

13: 40 Elon Musk hates shorts
I hope this will help Musk return to the office, and allow him to focus on FSD
is dead!BTC Envt
was slammingThis is Elon’s fault. You are well aware of it and you deserve vengeance
This qtr has Teslas sold out and the prices are higher than ever

Tesla News

14: 38 Vitalik Rocks Takeaways
Burnt 90% from 7bn
Saves 10% for undetermined charity
Something similar to CryptoRelief (preventing large-scale loss in life)

15: 00 RAAS – Ransomware As A Service
Already twice last year
Armies of attackers are searching for you
The majority of activity in H, Russia-based market
Take the time to protect yourself

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