“I’m Bitcoin ONLY From Now On” | Gareth Soloway Reacts To FTX Collapse

"I'm Bitcoin ONLY From Now On" | Gareth Soloway Reacts To FTX Collapse thumbnail

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Trader Gareth Soloway has been calling for a Bitcoin to slide to $10k – $13k range for a few months now, despite many other pundits and analysts saying that the low was in. Soloway stuck to his analysis and we are …. Bitcoin is currently $16,693. 49, down 21% in the past 7 days and how low this will go is anyone’s guess, as the markets await to see what’s truly behind the curtain of the FTX/Sam Bankman Fried collapse and how far it will reach. While many are calling for strict regulation, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers thinks the entire situation is more like Enron than a Lehman.

Soloway said that he has only touched Bitcoin and MAYBE some Ethereum since the debacle. But he’s warning that now is the time to go into crypto, and believes we will bottom at around $10-13k, with a possible $7k in the cards.

Gareth Soloway is well-known for his trade signal alerts, technical chart analysis and macroeconomic analysis. His proprietary indicators include the Confirmation Signal and River Theory. He also created a cycle analysis tool and a sentiment indicator.
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