Is Bitcoin dead? Peter Schiff v Tone Vays

Is Bitcoin dead? Peter Schiff v Tone Vays thumbnail

Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

Is Bitcoin dead? Or is it simply a crypto winter? Cryptocurrency commentator Tone Vayes debates with stock market and gold price guru, Peter Schiff, about the future of Bitcoin, Etherum, XRP, Ripple and Shiba Inu.

0: 00 – Is Bitcoin Dead?
2: 18 – Peter Schiff is bitcoin dead?
2: 50 – What is Bitcoins biggest flaw?
3: 33 – Tone Vays is Bitcoin dead?
5: 12 – Is Bitcoin price going to fall further?
6: 28 – Peter Schiff thoughts on 2022 Bitcoin Crash
8: 07 – Can Bitcoin replace Gold?
8: 35 – Peter Schiff Is Bitcoin digital Gold?
9: 40 – Gold vs Bitcoin
13: 34 – Bitcoins Energy consumption problem
14: 22 – Is Bitcoin energy efficient?
15: 40 – Is Bitcoin wasting energy?
16: 45 – Can Bitcoin replace fiat currency?
19: 11 – Can Bitcoin replace the Euro in 10 years?
21: 00 – Crypto Currency backed by Gold
21: 33 – Is Bitcoin dead for good?
23: 35 – Peter Schiff Predicts Bitcoin could drop to $10,000?
25: 55 – Why is Bitcoin still not a major method of payment?
28: 50 – Bitcoin is too slow for purchases?
32: 33 – What commodities might do well during the Crypto Winter?

Welcome to the debates. Today we are debating the future of Bitcoin. With a crypto winter here. We’re asking is Bitcoin dead? Is the current Bitcoin crash the end for the original cryptocurrency or will it recover and go on to new heights?

Our guest today to debate this topic are Peter Schiff and Tony Vays, both well-respected commentators in the world of finance and crypto.

Peter, who’s been with us before, is a financial commentator, radio personality and stockbroker. He runs his own podcast, Schiff Radio, which is also published on YouTube. Peter is the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and is involved in a number of other financial firms. A Big Advocate For Investing in Gold. Peter is also a well-known cryptocurrency critic.

Tone Vays is a derivatives trader, analyst and conference founder. Tone worked on Wall Street for almost ten years, starting as a risk analyst at Bear Stearns and later becoming a VP at JP Morgan Chase in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. He’s also the founder of a series of networking events called the Financial Summit for those in the World of Finance. Tone is a big advocate of Bitcoin and the technology, which makes it possible because, as he says, it helps promote economic freedom and privacy.

First, simple question, is Bitcoin dead?

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