Is “Green Bitcoin” a Good Idea?

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This video explains how “green Bitcoin” works and how attaching ESG tags to Bitcoin UXO’s can be an attack vector for the fiat establishment.

Kowtowing with regulators about Bitcoin mining won’t work long-term. If you can prove that your Bitcoin was mined with only renewable energy, regulators will change their mind and ban Bitcoin mining altogether. It is wasteful of energy.

It is clear that an attack vector is looking to identify what green Bitcoin is. This is just another attempt by those who fly in polluting private aircrafts to try to control Bitcoiners and Bitcoiners.

You have lost the battle once you accept their solution. It is best to not engage in such discussions with our fiat masters. Tell them to get fiat.

Don’t be afraid to be green. Instead, try being more orange.

Orange is the new green. The Bitcoin standard will solve many of the problems caused by the fiat currency. Fix the money, fix it all. “

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Does Bitcoin Waste Energy?
The environment and Bitcoin:

Fact-checking Bitcoin energy FUD %20Crypto%20Letter-01-13-01.pdf

Billionaires try to control Bitcoin using ESG:

Chris Larsen has his problems:

EU regulator seeks to ban energy-intensive Bitcoin mining:

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