Jurassic Shark Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movie | Sherry Thurig, Kimberly Wolfe

Jurassic Shark Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movie | Sherry Thurig, Kimberly Wolfe thumbnail

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Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movie
Starring: Sherry Thurig. Kimberly Wolfe. Sarah Mosher. Joshua Gilbert Crosby. Kevin Preece. Jurgen Vollrath. Angela Parent. Celine Filion. Christine Emes.
Director : Brett Kelly

After an oil rig placed on a small island in a lake’s middle drills too deep into the lake floor, a megalodon (Jurassic Shark) is accidentally released. A resultant malfunction causes an explosion. Two girls are bitten by the shark, which then attacks a group consisting of Jack, Rich, Doug and Jerry. Jack is eaten by the shark while the rest of the group escape onto the island. However, they do drop the painting in the water. Jerry is sent to retrieve it, but fails to do so and is ultimately killed by the shark.

A group of college students, including Jill, Tia and Kristen, attempt to reach the island in order to find the rig. Jill hopes that this will help her with her essay about pollution. While the others make it to shore, a shark attacks their boat and kills Mike. They spend the night on the island with thieves pretending to be tourists. They return the next morning to find the facility and Dr. Lincoln Grant, the sole survivor of the explosion. Doug, Rich, Barb and Rich reveal their identities and force Grant to go into the water to retrieve his painting. However, Grant is quickly eaten. Kristen, Tia and Jill use this time to hide. However, the thieves chase them and Kristen is eaten by the chaos. Tia and Jill are captured.

Barb, Tia, and Jill dive for the painting the next morning while Rich distracts Rich with dynamite. Rich is killed when the girls throw a rock at him. Doug is then killed when they throw a rock at him. They grab a gun and get into a standoff. However, the shark leaps out of the water and eats Barb. Jill uses the remaining dynamite in order to kill the shark and Tia and Tia then leave the island. Two fishermen are killed by another megalodon while they wait, hinting at the danger that is still ahead.

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