LIVE: Polimer News Live | Tamil News | PM Modi | CM MKStalin | IPL2022 | Sri Lanka | Rain

LIVE: Polimer News Live | Tamil News | PM Modi | CM MKStalin | IPL2022 | Sri Lanka | Rain thumbnail

LIVE: Polimer News Live | Tamil News | Corona | CM MKStalin | IPL2022 | Sri Lanka | Rain

Polimer News is Tamil Nadu’s No. Live news channel! Live news updates and reports from around the globe. Keep up-to-date with the latest news from politics, entertainment and sports, business, and social media. Polimer News is your reliable source for accurate and impartial news. Now!

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About Polimer News:

Polimer News delivers accurate and objective information to the socially conscious man.

Polimer News is now a 24 hour Tamil News satellite TV channel. Polimer, which caters to millions of TV viewers in ten districts, is the second-largest MSO Tamil Nadu.

Mr. P.V. founded the company. Kalyana Sundaram founded the company. It currently operates eight basic cable TV channels in various TNs and Polimer TV channels. The company also has a fully integrated Tamil GEC that reaches millions of Tamil viewers around the world.

This channel supports the creation of art in Chennai. The channel broadcasts 8 hours of original content each day, in addition to a collection of 350 movies.

Polimer News expands its vision to other genres, such as reality. It aims to be a competitive and strong channel in the GEC space for Tamil television.

The channel’s greatest strength is its staff, which are some of the best in their field. Polimer has a clear vision and the support of the best minds to give it an edge in the highly competitive Tamil TV market.
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