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OFFICIAL Lyrics below:

Breaking News:

(Intro Talking – Interview Sound Clip from Diddy
No mercy has begun
Ladies and Gentlemen Machine Gun Kelly ,
This kid, I believe, is a star ,
He is one of the greatest live performers I have ever seen ,
.He is also a movement ,

(Verse 1)

Backpack? That’s a fuck.
I was always there for the thugs at ,
.I used to hang out with the rugrats ,
.Please, show me the ,
drug locations.Someone please come and play a hot song. Get an iPhone, take a video, and get popcorn. I kill every instrumental I find on ,
.A muthafucka won’t stop the shit ,
Until I make an Album like a 2pacalypse.Until then, I’m going to kill everybody like an ,
Until I’m revolutionary as a GhandiUntil I’m poppin all these bottles to accomplishments,
I don’t care what the weather is ,
, until then I’m always warm.I will call my name until someone is talkingative, it doesn’t really matter what the
is the topicDid you know I rap? bitch I move like *boom boom bang Bitch I’m from ,
, where you have never been.You can look into my room to see a view of my past ,
.God damn,
Have you ever tried marijuana? had that ,
Jimi got Slash, got shrooms and got hash ,
The bipolar disorder, once kicked in, became mad ,
As if I was a kiss-my-ass you bitch , I walked on the red carpet.
(More Sound clips of Various People Talking About MGK )

He was the only on-point developed performer on the bill ,
If you are familiar with lyricists, you will know who MGK ,
is.I need a freestyle. I need to hear Machine Gun Kelly spew ,
(Verse 2)

You don’t have to hear ,
, Fuck it!Ask anyone in the 216 to see if your name rings in their bricks ,
“Man, everybody knows “
Boy, what do you hate? You late, boy?
Have you heard of this great boy?
3 letter name cacaus boy,
We used to live there all the way up, boy ,
He was your friend, and you have heard the name ,
.You clicked on the iTunes to play ,
You loved the shit so you bought the ,
You can place him right next to Jay ,
Your girl then saw me and I signed her titts ,
You couldn’t find her ,
Then your heart stopped. Do you know the time it is ,
?I put my dick in her common sense,
You lonely ,
, you can fuck boy!You phony ,
?These fuck boys would be thought to be fucking boys ,
.If it doesn’t EST in you mouth…then what you are repining is corny ,
Do you have a single that doesn’t include me? It’s boring! I’m snoring ,
Man, I’m on the road every day ,
I taught you how to make ,
.100 I have a bitch in my ashtray. I showed you how to make ,
.I gave up everything to support these children and now I love you.
None of these rappers have a move tell em to quit jocking my sGod damn…
You can also have the bloggers that I don’t type ,
God gave me these hands to fight ,
Say goodnight, quick! My right fist looks like Vicodin ,
Could just toss you on the ground like dice ,
You might just be able to slip your license into your pocket. Get a wallet and a few dollars to buy some ,
.My dick is a bitch-bitter, and that’s priceless If they’re wet, I don’t mind fucking em like Pisces ,
Wives are jealous of my bitch because they want D -… get it?
Take in every word I’m spittin, it’s food to think about ,
You need to listen! I am on a mission, and you can’t help but join me in that mission.

(Outro Talking-More Various Interview Sound Clips
Machine Gun Kelly looks like someone you would diss. Lyrically, I don’t think Machine Gun Kelly would be a good choice.You’re trying to say that he’s crazy or something.
He is wack ,
He isn’t wack
He’s better then 80% of the rappers out here,
It must be great to be MGK right now
He recently revealed what he believes to be the true meaning behind his Lace Up movement ,
.Machine Gun Kelly is my favorite musical speaker.


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