Michael Cohen: Placating Trump’s Behavior Only Emboldens Him

Michael Cohen: Placating Trump's Behavior Only Emboldens Him thumbnail

A bombshell New York Times report says former President Donald Trump wanted to make a deal with the National Archives – exchange a batch of sensitive documents sitting at Mar-a-Lago for material related to the FBI’s investigation into his 2016 campaign ties to Russia. This was effectively exchanging government property for another government property. According to the New York Times, his aides did not execute the plan. Another important development was revealed by the Washington Post. Trump asked Alex Cannon to inform the National Archives that Trump had already sent all the documents requested. Cannon declined to relay the message to Trump as he wasn’t sure it was true. According to publicly-released inventory from the Justice Department, Trump had thousands of documents. According to Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and speaking on “Velshi”, it is “absolutely insane” to chase him for top-secret documents. “The fact that this is happening with the former President…This is unheard of. Ali, if you were me, I’m sure we’d be in jail 24 hours
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