Millions of US women may lose right to abortion – BBC News

Millions of US women may lose right to abortion - BBC News thumbnail

Millions of women in the United States could soon lose their legal right to abortion, according to a leaked Supreme Court document.

Politico published the document. It suggests that the country’s highest court could overturn Roe against Wade, the 1973 court ruling that legalized abortion nationwide.

Individual states could ban abortion if the court overturns the ruling. This is what it’s possible to see in nearly half of the US states.

Expect a ruling from the Supreme Court’s justices in June or July. After the request of the state Mississippi, they are currently considering the 1973 ruling.

According to Planned Parenthood research, some 36 millions women may lose access to abortion in America, which is a healthcare organization that provides abortions.

President Joe Biden stated that if the court overturns the national right for abortion, then it will be on the elected officials of the nation at all levels to defend a woman’s choice.

Sophie Raworth reports on BBC News at Ten. Sarah Smith.

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