“Most People Have No Idea What’s Coming” Jordan Peterson On Bitcoin (2022)

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“Most People Have No Idea What’s Coming” Jordan Peterson On Bitcoin (2022)

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Jordan Peterson is now more interested in Bitcoin after events like Justin Trudeau’s seemingly unaffected by the out-of-control inflation of the Canadian currency. The freezing of assets and bank accounts of protestors forces him to look for other currencies.

Peterson is a strong advocate for free markets, personal freedoms and it was only natural that he would become a Bitcoin investor and supporter.

He was invited to speak at the 2022 Bitcoin conference. Peterson warns investors but explains why the global monetary system has grown so large that it will eventually collapse like all other systems before it. And why Bitcoin is a better option.


Jordan Bernt Peterson, a Canadian psychologist and clinical psychologist, is also a YouTube personality and author. His views on political and cultural issues received a lot of attention in the late 2010’s. He is often called conservative.

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