NFTs and Crypto Bitcoin are decentralized Ponzi schemes.

NFTs and Crypto Bitcoin are decentralized Ponzi schemes. thumbnail

Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

00: 00 Hey my crypto babes thanks for joining me xoxoxoxo
00: 15 #jpmorgan CEO calls Bitcoin & NFTs decentralised ponzi schemes
01: 31 Problematic aspects of the banking system
07: 35 Federal Reserve issues #fomc statement
09: 20 The entire crypto market
09: 40 #btc daily, 12h, 6h, 4h & 45m
11: 00 #eth daily
11: 16 Bank of England raises interest rates for #uk #britain
12: 45 Big shout out to DAIM IO (a cutting edge approach to asset management) #daimio
13: 58 ex CFTC chair rules out new laws for #stablecoin regulation
15: 30 John Deaton discusses US banking system
16: 57 XRP #ripple lawsuit updates
18: 15 Why you should be thankful for what you have
21: 23 #xrp daily
23: 45#coinbase used #wallstreet bankers to trade crypto
26: 35 Why #algorand pumped 15%
27: 22 #algo daily & 6h
28: 30 #helium network community wins vote to move to #solana #sol
29: 05 #twitch bans crypto/gambling website streaming #gambling
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