“NOW Is The Time To Buy More Before The Next Cycle Begins” | Raoul Pal on Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto

"NOW Is The Time To Buy More Before The Next Cycle Begins" | Raoul Pal on Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto thumbnail

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“NOW Is The Time To Buy More Before The Next Cycle Begins” | Raoul Pal Latest Prediction on Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto

The latest unemployment data released this week indicated to investors that the FED will continue raising interest rates and stealing more money from markets. Markets fell again.

Raoul Pal, Macro Investor believes that all this will come to an end over the next two weeks. He is seeing signals that we are at pivot points in the cycle and that the tide is turning. Keep watching the video to see Raoul explain the macro landscape and the reasons why cryptos are now expected to have absolutely bang for their future returns.

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About Raoul Pal:

Raoul Pal, co-founder of Real Vision is a financial media company that offers in-depth video interviews with the best investors and research publications. Raoul was previously the founder of a global macro hedge fund.


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