OIA OCTA: Big Bitcoin Bump Brewing

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Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

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00: 00 Introduction
00: 35 The Good
00: 46 NUPL (Net Unrealized Profit/Loss)
01: 37 Digital Asset Inflow – Back to Black
02: 01 Money Flows By Crypto Asset
02: 36 Global Flows – USA Dominates
03: 12 Big Bitcoin Bump Brewing
04: 05 Bitcoin Backwardation – First Time since 2019
05: 09 Got Ticks? Tick Index 05: 54 Stock Vix Increasing
06: 54 Alt Season Pumping Again
07: 21 Aptos Launch and Risk
08: 14 Insane Inflation After 8 Years
08: 52 Hash vs Price, Unusual Sword Crossing
10: 05 Reducing Drawdowns?
11: 15 Bitcoin Drawdown History
12: 10 Mango Markets Hacker Admits & Returns Funds
13: 12 Earth’s Biggest Retailer: Walmart Bullish on Crypto
14: 23 The Bad
14: 26 Those Hoping for $12,500? What is the lowest we can go? RP by Address
15: 53 One Full Year in FEAR!!!
16: 30 Digital Asset Search Demand at late 2020 Levels
17: 23 8th Straight Month of Housing Sales
17: 53 Global GDP Evolution
19: 31 GDP Reduction due to Russian Gas Shock
20: 29 Euro Area Record Pessimism
20: 50 Most & Least Liveable Cities in Europe
21: 37 Google Strategy Change
22: 34 The Ugly
22: 38 Xitty Track Record – more Zero c19?