PBS News Weekend full episode, October 2, 2022

PBS News Weekend full episode, October 2, 2022 thumbnail

Sunday on PBS News Weekend, as the death toll rises in Florida, we get the latest on how officials and residents are recovering after Hurricane Ian. Then, we dig into the top races in Pennsylvania, one of the most closely watched states this midterm election. Plus, we spend some time in the kitchen with award-winning baker Bryan Ford for our Weekend Spotlight.

Floridians focus on recovery after Ian as death toll climbs
News Wrap: Soccer match in Indonesia ends in tragedy
How Pennsylvania’s midterms impact the future of politics
Baker Bryan Ford on drawing from his Honduran roots
A Brief But Spectacular take on generational healing

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00: 00 – Intro
02: 10 – After the Storm
06: 43 – News Wrap
09: 04 – Weekend Briefing
16: 19 – Weekend Spotlight
22: 35 – Brief But Spectacular
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