Putin to the West: ‘Let’s stop being enemies’ | USA TODAY #Shorts

Putin to the West: 'Let's stop being enemies' | USA TODAY #Shorts thumbnail

Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia had tried to build positive relations with NATO and the West, but was met with a negative response.

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On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin raged against the U.S., its allies, and claimed they were playing a dangerous, bloody, and dirty game to try and dominate the world.

Putin spoke at an international conference of policy experts after he had overseen a nuclear training exercise. He seemed to downplay Russia’s losses in the war with Ukraine, and claimed that the conflict he started was inevitable after years of tension building.

Putin stated that he does not intend to use a nuclear weapon in Ukraine, despite his frequent references to Russia’s nuke arsenal over the past months. According to The Telegraph’s transcript, Putin also stated that the West has ended the world order imposed after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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