Raoul Pal Ethereum – Ethereum Price Set To Explode Here’s Why. Raoul Pal Latest Crypto Interview

Raoul Pal Ethereum – Ethereum Price Set To Explode Here's Why. Raoul Pal Latest Crypto Interview thumbnail

Raoul Pal Ethereum – Ethereum Price Set To Explode! Here’s Why. Raoul Pal’s Latest Crypto Interview

Raoul Pal, Macro Investor, is back with an interview. He’s just as bullish on Cryptospace and Ethereum in general.

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Raoul took a month off, but is now back. In his latest interview, he discusses his journey to become so bullish about Ethereum that he has invested 90%of his net worth in it. He also explains why Ethereum’s potential to explode this year.

You should watch the final part of the video to learn more about the latest on-chain Ethereum data. This will allow you to check if the data supports Raoul’s investment thesis.

About Raoul Pal:

Raoul Pal, co-founder of Real Vision is a financial media company that offers in-depth video interviews with the best investors and research publications. Raoul was previously the founder of a global macro hedge fund.


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Post Date: March 3, 2022.

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