Real Hollywood Entertainment! Yellowstone 1923 Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren!

Real Hollywood Entertainment! Yellowstone 1923 Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren! thumbnail

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Tired of Hollywood. Taylor Sheridan created Yellowstone 1923. Pure entertainment, like Hollywood used to be. 1923 is set in Montana at the beginning of the 20th century. It’s a cross between The Godfather & The Sons of Anarchy. It’s not leather vests or motorcycles, it’s cowboy boots and horses. Legendary actors Harrison Ford, Dame Helen Mirren Star as leaders of the Dutton family in 1923. Their lives are dedicated to the protection of their land and fighting against the forces that change.

1923 is set a 100 years before the number 1 series in America, Yellowstone, where lead character John Dutton III, played by Kevin Costner has to fight off corporate raiders, a Native American Indian Nation, politicians and family history to protect his land and legacy.

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