Realistic Plan to Buy The Bitcoin Bottom (When to Buy Crypto)

Realistic Plan to Buy The Bitcoin Bottom (When to Buy Crypto) thumbnail

Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

NOTE: Please always do your own back-testing (research) on any trading strategy or system.
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00: 00 Why Use This Strategy? (When to Buy Bitcoin )
02: 15 Trading Tools Required
02: 56 How to Use The Tools (Beat a Billionaire)
05: 44 The Most Difficult Part of This Plan
06: 44 The Process to Execute the Plan
08: 42 The 3 Trading Filters
10: 32 The Monthly Swing Filter
13: 43 The 3 Trading Filter Results
15: 47 Want BETTER Results?

Bitcoin, crypto and S&P500 market update with the latest fed news and market fundamental analysis. What happens to crypto, bitcoin, and ethereum? Watch out for important price levels that can be used to support bullish or bearish turns.

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