RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR Breaking News Ukraine has announced

RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR Breaking News Ukraine has announced thumbnail

Ukraine has shared new information about the losses inflicted by Russia since the beginning of the war. According to the announced figures, Russia’s troop losses exceeded 20 thousand.
It is reported that the Russian army, waging war in Ukraine, lost 20,600 soldiers, 167 aircraft, 147 helicopters and 790 tanks.
April February 24-April 18, the General Staff of Ukraine announced the losses of the Russian army.
According to the statement, 20 thousand 600 soldiers of the Russian army who attacked Ukraine were killed, 167 Russian-owned aircraft, 147 helicopters, 790 tanks, 2 thousand 41 armored vehicles, 381 cannons, 130 rocket launcher systems and 67 air defense systems were destroyed.
The Russian forces also lost 1487 vehicles, 8 ships and light speedboats, 76 fuel vehicles and 155 unmanned aerial vehicles.
On March 25, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that 1,351 Russian soldiers had been killed in Ukraine.
According to reports, the Russian military entered Kreminna in Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine.
Sergey Gayday the Governor of Luhansk stated on his Facebook page, “The Russians entered Kreminna.” Street clashes started. Evacuation is impossible.” He shared his knowledge.
Gayday stated that the Russian army entered Kreminna carrying a large amount of tanks and armored cars. He also noted that many civilians were left stranded in the city.
Iryna Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, announced that humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians couldn’t be agreed upon and that they would not be open today.
Vereshchuk stated that “Today unfortunately there will not be humanitarian corridors.” He made the statement via Telegram. Yesterday, we held lengthy and difficult negotiations for the Mariupol (Berdyansk), Tokmak, Energodar, and Tokmak corridors. Negotiations also took place for the Kherson-Luhansk regions. However, the Russians continue to bomb humanitarian corridors and block them. Security reasons prevented the opening of humanitarian corridors. He shared his knowledge.
Yesterday’s agreement between Russia and Ukraine on humanitarian corridors was also void.
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