SEC Gary Gensler is watching the Ethereum Merge…

SEC Gary Gensler is watching the Ethereum Merge... thumbnail

Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

Today let’s talk about Ethereum’s merge, the bitcoin fake out, and SEC Chair Gary Gensler.

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0: 00 Intro
0: 50 Market Update
2: 45 BTC Hash Rate
4: 00 Bitcoin ETF
4: 30 BTC Growth | Faster than the Internet
5: 20 HODL Wave
6: 15 ETH MERGE | Countdown
9: 00 ETH Investors Buy the Merge
9: 30 Ethermine | Mining pool
11: 10 Ethereum Classic
12: 15 Gary Gensler | Plot
15: 15 Q&A
19: 10 DCA Wednesday
21: 00 More Q&A

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