Shiba Inu News & Ethereum Whales Buying Spree Something BIG Coming?! $500,000,000 & 4th ETH Whale

Shiba Inu News & Ethereum Whales Buying Spree  Something BIG Coming?! $500,000,000 & 4th ETH Whale thumbnail

Ethereum whales are buying up Shiba Inu like there is no tomorrow. These whales, which include the 4th largest Ethereum whale, Tsunade (#19459000), have been filling their bags with Shiba Inu for the past few weeks… What are they planning?

The Shib Army will soon receive an unprecedented airdrop. In the next few months, the world’s largest airdrop will take place. All Shiba Inu owners will receive a free token-for-token copy their holdings on a new network called PulseChain.

PulseChain 2.0 is Ethereum 2.0. It’s the 100% faster and cheaper version of Ethereum with virtually no fees. Shiba Inu owners will be able to access this new network which starts increasing in value and could eventually reach parity on Ethereum. This is a huge opportunity and exciting times are ahead.

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