“Something BIG Is Coming…” Kevin O’Leary INSANE New Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto Prediction

"Something BIG Is Coming..." Kevin O'Leary INSANE New Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto Prediction thumbnail

“Something BIG Is Coming…” Kevin O’Leary INSANE New Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto Prediction

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary believes the current market rally is a fake-out. There will be more pain in the months ahead, as the FED fights against inflation.

O’Leary has been vocal lately about his belief that most of the market downside has been baked into the prices. However, in his latest interview with Meet Kevin, O’Leary explains why an engineered soft landing by the FED would be almost impossible. Investors should expect more pain.

O’Leary also discusses how he views the macro landscape and why pivoting is the best investment tool to generate returns. Finally, he explains why 2023 will see Crypto advancements and new legislation pushing the sector forward.

Kevin O’Leary:

Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary is also known as “Mr. Wonderful is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur, author, politician, and television host. He appeared on numerous Canadian television programs, including The Lang and O’Leary Exchange and SqueezePlay, which are business news programmes. Redemption Inc and Dragons’ Den are reality TV shows. He also appeared on Project Earth, Discovery Channel’s 2008,. He has been on Shark Tank since 2009,, America’s version of Dragons’ Den.


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