The Biggest Misconception about Bitcoin DEBUNKED | Lyn Alden | Alessio Rastani

The Biggest Misconception about Bitcoin DEBUNKED | Lyn Alden | Alessio Rastani thumbnail

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The biggest misconception about bitcoin debunked | Lyn Alden. Some people think bitcoin has real intrinsic value (like stocks and gold). However, others disagree and think that bitcoin has no intrinsic value at all – that it is all perception and “make-believe”. But who is right? Does bitcoin have real intrinsic value or is the value zero? We discuss this question with analyst Lyn Alden. #bitcoin #btc #alessiorastani

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Key notes in the video:
[0:00] Intro
[0:42] The debate and key question
[1:39] Morning Brew
[3:24] The debate on bitcoin’s “real” value
[4:44] Lyn Alden’s response
[5:50] The bitcoin 2017 top
[6:49] Lyn Alden’s view in 2020
[7:09] The sceptical view of bitcoin
[7:23] The situation of half the world
[8:03] Before bitcoin
[8:28] Bitcoin’s invention and impact
[8:45] Bitcoin and critical mass
[9:43] What makes bitcoin unique
[11:32] Bitcoin and commerce
[12:02] Network effects matter
[12:32] Currency depreciation abroad
[13:32] Outro

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