The Future of Bitcoin with Michael Saylor

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Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

I sat down w/ Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, to discuss Tesla’s Bitcoin purchase, and the future of the cryptocurrency. He believes that Bitcoin will be owned by more than one billion people within five years. We discuss who will be the next big tech mover, why inflation will continue, as well as the evolution of the monetary systems after we abandon the fiat standard. It was a great show, and I am grateful to Michael for his support. Please comment below with your thoughts!

Michael Saylor Twitter: @r

0: 00 Why Tesla Bought Bitcoin
8: 00 Facebook Should Move Into Bitcoin
22: 12 Fiat Dilution/Inflation boosting Bitcoin?
30: 45 In 5 years 1B people will own Bitcoin
43: 20 What’s the next big Bitcoin news to drop?

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Disclaimer: The video is my opinion only and should not be considered factual information. I am not a financial adviser. This video is not intended to be a recommendation to sell or buy securities. Don’t assume that the numbers and facts in this video are correct. Always conduct your own research. As of 03/03/2021 HyperChange host (Galileo Russell) is invested in shares of Tesla (TSLA), Spotify (SPOT), Arcimoto (FUV), Snap (SNAP) and long the crypto currencies Bitcoin and Maker. Galileo also invests in SpaceFilche LLC (an SPV that owns SpaceX stock).