The markets are preparing for a nice bounce! Bitcoin, Crypto, Stocks

The markets are preparing for a nice bounce! Bitcoin, Crypto, Stocks thumbnail

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Greg is a serial entrepreneur and real estate developer. He also coaches and mentors. He has developed, sold and bought over $250 millions of real estate. He also built and renovated hundreds custom homes and commercial buildings. He also developed mixed-use subdivisions, residential and mixed-use subdivisions, and founded 12 other companies. Greg mentors top entrepreneurs, real-estate investors, and real-estate developers across the country, helping them to grow their businesses, get more capital, and make bigger deals. Greg has helped clients to close more than $2 billion in AUM.

Greg is an expert in entrepreneurship, leadership, and real estate. He is frequently interviewed by some of the most popular podcasts on real estate investing and business.

Greg was a high school dropout who served in the United States Navy. He has been an active leader in his community, as well as serving on boards for many churches, ministries, and non-profits.
This channel is about Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Development.
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