The State of Bitcoin – The Year in Review

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Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

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00: 00 Introduction
00: 55 The Story
01: 38 Bitcoin Annual Returns – Diminishing
02: 55 Gold vs Bonds vs Stocks
04: 11 Bitcoin vs Gold vs Bonds vs Stocks
04: 32 Gold vs Bonds vs Stocks
05: 12 12 Year Returns
06: 01 Bitcoin Supply in Loss at 55%
07: 24 $1M+ Whales Not Active (ie buying or selling)
08: 24 Friday BTC Bears Could Secure $340 million profit
09: 51 Good Bitcoin News Ignored
11: 03 Bitcoin Entity Growth Slowing
11: 50 Cohort Accumulation
12: 48 Cumulative Transfer Volume
13: 37 Transfer Volume
14: 33 BTC vs Crypto Market Cap
15: 22 Bitcoin Balances on Exchanges
16: 27 BITCOIN Harder Than Ever w 92% Mined
17: 13 Halving Times & Amt Mined
18: 20 Less Dollars but Nearly Double Bitcoin Volume
18: 52 Security Climbs Incessantly
19: 33 Miners Still Making Bank!
20: 14 Bitcoin Miner Revenue in Billions $
20: 36 Miner Revenue in Bitcoin
21: 08 Conclusion