The Week On-chain – Is Bitcoin Building a Bottom – Week 29, 2022 (Bitcoin Onchain Analysis)

The Week On-chain - Is Bitcoin Building a Bottom - Week 29, 2022 (Bitcoin Onchain Analysis) thumbnail

Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

Bitcoin prices have now traded below the Realized Price for over a month, with many signals that a deep and complete capitulation has occurred. As a result, numerous signals indicate that genuine bottom formation could be underway.

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Topics for Discussion:
– Bitcoin testing the underside of the Realized Price.
– Similarities between current market and past bear floors.
– Unrealized losses as a gauge for accumulation at bottoms.
– Realized losses as a gauge for capitulation.

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0: 00 Introduction
2: 25 Price Action Context
3: 05 Days Below Realized Price
5: 05 MVRV and Realized Price
6: 45 Alert Idea – MVRV
7: 18 Realized, Balanced, and Delta Price Modesl
9: 20 Alert Idea – Balanced Price
9: 35 Unrealized Losses
12: 45 Relative Unrealized Loss
14: 50 Supply in Loss
15: 40 Long- and Short-Term Holders in Profit
17: 50 Realized Losses and Capitulation [USD]
18: 55 Transfer Volume in Loss [BTC]
20: 05 aSOPR
21: 00 Alert Idea – aSOPR 14-day SMA
21: 34 Percent Transfer Volume in Profit [90D EMA]
22: 35 Alert Idea – Percent Transfer Volume in Profit
22: 50 Realized Cap HODL Waves

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