“This CRASH Will KILL a Generation” | Max Keiser Bitcoin

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“This CRASH Will KILL a Generation” | Max Keiser Bitcoin
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Max Keiser, an economist, predicts that the s economic crash will be worse than the s depression. Keiser claims that we are witnessing the end to an era. This includes the collapse of the USA empire, and the fall of fiat currency Ponzi.

This interview features Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discussing bitcoin, inflation, and the truth about El Salvador.

Max and Stacy claim that the media is spreading lies and state propaganda in an attempt to deceive people and discourage them from adopting cryptocurrency.

Keiser says that bitcoin is “designed to attract attacks”. Keiser doesn’t find it surprising that all the fake news about El Salvador is false. He adds, “The more they attack El Salvador, the higher the bitcoin price rises.”

About Max Keiser:

Timothy Maxwell “Max” Keiser (born January 23, 1960) is an American broadcaster and filmmaker. Keiser Report, a broadcast financial program on RT featuring heterodox economics theories, was hosted by Max Keiser.

He co-hosted Orange Pill Podcast with his wife Stacy Herbert. Now renamed Max & Stacy Report, he is also a host. Keiser, a Bitcoin maximalist, aims to educate the public about Bitcoin and contribute to its adoption.

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Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert: Debunking El Salvador FUD | EP 577
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