This Mark Cuban Ethereum News Is A Game Changer

This Mark Cuban Ethereum News Is A Game Changer thumbnail

Investor Mark Cuban has revealed a major investment in Ethereum and this could have broad implications for Bitcoin and the entire blockchain.

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Today’s Livestream will cover the Bitcoin & Ethereum price as well as other financial and trending news.

Today’s Topics:
0: 00 Preshow
15: 30 Welcome
19: 12 Trouble for Big Oil
26: 11 $634 Billion Nuclear Weapon Bill
35: 11 Apple Looking at Crypto
45: 47 Carl Icahn at Crypto
49: 17 Mark Cuban Buying Etherium
54: 32 Bitcoin News
1: 05: 01 Superchats
1: 20: 07 Mitch McConnell on Infrastructure

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