Treasury Markets 101 and #Bitcoin: What’s Breaking and Why with James Lavish #money #crypto

Treasury Markets 101 and #Bitcoin: What's Breaking and Why with James Lavish #money #crypto thumbnail

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James Lavish is a former hedge fund manager and CFA with 25 years of institutional investment and risk management experience. Yale and Cornell alum James Lavish was once drafted by the National Hockey League. He was also Chief Operating Officer for Alternative Investments at asset management company LKCM in Dallas. James was also a co-founder and managing partner at Ranger Arbitrage. He is also the Head Arbitrage Trader for Carlson Capital. He is also the author of The Informationist Newsletter and co-founder of The Looking Glass, an economic and Bitcoin education group.

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1: 17 What are Treasuries? T-bills, notes, bonds
3: 44 How do Treasuries work with the Federal Reserve?
5: 58 When Fed was created it was prohibited from owning Treasuries
7: 30 Bank of Japan, Yen collapsing against the US Dollar
9: 13 What does “liquidity in Treasury markets” mean?
14: 42 Who is buying Treasuries?
17: 12 Fed talking about adjusting calculations and definitions of leverage ratio
19: 49 Short paper pivot
22: 12 iTrustCapital promo
23: 00 Bitcoin 2023 promo
23: 38 Fold app promo
24: 06 QE (quantitative easing), YCC (yield curve control), debt spiral, trading bonds
26: 48 Liability-driven investments, Bank of England
29: 15 UK Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns
29: 35 Inflation expectations falling, bond yield rising, demand for Treasuries down
31: 13 US can’t sustain 4.5% interest rate; Volcker moment
34: 54 Government must pay interest first before meeting other obligations
38: 31 Fed is backward-looking, reactionary, promoting lagging effect
40: 18 Hard money like gold and Bitcoin in your portfolio
41: 51 Fed Funds Rate, inflation rate
44: 49 Resiliency of Bitcoin

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