Ukraine Forces Say They’ve Retaken Village Near Kyiv From Russia

Ukraine Forces Say They've Retaken Village Near Kyiv From Russia thumbnail
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Ukrainian forces said they had retaken control of a village near Kyiv which had fallen to the Russian military and destroyed several of their armoured vehicles, according to broadcaster Radio Free Europe.

The video shows the Ukrainian soldiers inspecting the vehicles damaged and discovering items believed to have been taken during the Russian occupation of the village.

“A mitten filled with change. One soldier in Ukraine asked, “Is that why they came?

“Did they really want to buy these trophies or did they just want to buy it? I’m not sure. He added that if you were here to get coins and then lose your leg …,”.

There were many damaged armoured vehicles littering the highway, which had been hit with different weapons and had stopped.

“We couldn’t move forward because of the Russian Army troops’ high level of skill. They were held hostage for several days. We managed to push the enemy from the village on the third day,” one soldier told an RFE reporter.

They try to move forward as best they can. They can’t move forward so they retreat,” said another.

Some of the vehicles had ammunitions, and soldiers thought they might be able repair some of them to use against the Russians in a later conflict.

The RFE crew captured the scene and explosions could be heard on camera.

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