United States: When sport becomes a political football

United States: When sport becomes a political football thumbnail

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Millions of Americans idolize football players. However, it’s not common for them to participate in political protests. Donald Trump made a big deal about players refusing to stand for the national song. This week, the controversy escalated when Jerry Jones (owner of the Dallas Cowboys) knelt beside his team before the national anthem to show solidarity with the rest.
After three Senate Republicans stated that they couldn’t support Obamacare, the latest attempt at overturning Obamacare fell apart. That made what should have been a shoe-in for the Republican-controlled chamber a failure. This has angered the conservative party flank and could cause major problems in the US congressional elections next January.
France launched its latest channel in Spanish, following English, French, and Arabic. The Colombian capital is home to the editorial staff. They include 10 correspondents, 35 journalists and a variety of nationalities.

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