URGENT: Why You’ll Regret Buying Cryptocurrency in 2022 | Scott Minerd Explains

URGENT: Why You'll Regret Buying Cryptocurrency in 2022 | Scott Minerd Explains thumbnail

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The Evolution of Bitcoin (Murad Twitter):

The Greatest Recession in History is Coming (BUY BTC NOW?!) Will Clemente

Gene Simmons REVEALS His 10x Cryptocurrency Portfolio for 2022:

Raoul Pal’s Crypto Forecast 2022:

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00: 00 Intro
01: 25 Why Tech Stocks Will Keep Falling..
03: 10 Why You’ll Regret Buying Altcoins in 2022
5: 38 Scott Minerd is RIGHT About This
06: 25 Scott Minerd is WRONG About This
08: 40 Earn $100 in Crypto FOR FREE (FTX App)
09: 47 The Crypto Market Will Go Lower (My Thoughts)
12: 24 My Crypto Investing Strategy for June
13: 25 Final Thoughts

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