US media ‘ignores’ Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s gaffes

US media 'ignores' Kamala Harris and Joe Biden's gaffes thumbnail

The Democrat Party’s “advantage” is that media in the United States “largely ignores” gaffes made by US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, says The Australian’s Adam Creighton.

Ms. Harris gave a speech where she described the “important relationship and alliance” between the US, North Korea.

He told Sky News Paul Murray that he was struck by the North Korea gaffe and that there has been not one article about it in the US mainstream media.

Creighton stated that if ex-president Donald Trump or vice-president Mike Pence had claimed it would take “weeks or even months of articles”, Mr Creighton would have agreed.

“So there’s extraordinary bias here in the US media which means that Americans … don’t even know these gaffes have happened.”
Jeff Brown Investor