Wall Street is All-In on Bitcoin! | David Mercer

Wall Street is All-In on Bitcoin! | David Mercer thumbnail

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David Mercer Is The CEO of LMAX Group. David shares his insider view of how institutions feel about Bitcoin and Crypto. We discuss the bear market, institutional sentiment toward Crypto, interest In DeFi, Crypto adoption and regulation needed to get the biggest banks around the globe to join the fray.

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0: 00 – Crypto Bear Market – Institution Sentiment?
2: 45 Deeper Confidence Now Than During the Bear Market
4: 00 – Bigger Addressable Market – Institutions Are Interested In DeFi Along With Bitcoin
6: 45 – Rise Of Internet vs. Rise Of Crypto – Same Trajectory – The 3rd Great Technology
10: 00 – Luna & Tera Crash – Did it Scare Away Institutions?
13: 45 – Crypto Regulation Update – Institutions Need It – Companies Are Ready and Acting As If It Exists – 6 Largest Banks Will Be Ready To Buy
16: 00 – Bear Markets Are For Building – LMAX Building Futures Market
19: 45 – Speaking To Customers Is Overrated? What
Customers Want23: 30 – What David Is Looking Forward To In Crypto – Credit & Clearing – Solving This Massive Problem Will Remove The Wall From TradFi & Bitcoin
26: 00 – Where To Find David & LMAX Online