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Intro 00: 00
Important Bitcoin chart to remember! 00: 30
20 week moving average for Bitcoin 1: 55
Just another BTC price consolidation pattern 2: 45
Support for Bitcoin price did not hold 3: 45
Watch BTC on the hourly chart right now 4: 40
Bitcoin support on the brink of failing… 5: 35
All about btc falling wedges 6: 20
We want to see the bitcoin bull market right now! 7: 20
Mid $30,000’s for Bitcoin….is it possible? 8: 00

Bitcoin has been consolidating in the btc drop, while also testing very thin support over the course of the day. This cryptocurrency dip has also affected altcoins in the crypto space. A break to the downside out of this support could spell out an extended bear move for BTC potentially leading Bitcoin price into the $30,000’s via a falling wedge target. In the short-term, there is still bullish potential for bitcoin price as this cryptocurrency tries to find momentum on the very near term support areas.

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