WATCH: Trump Forgets Dr. Oz’s Name During Bizarre Pennsylvania Rally

WATCH: Trump Forgets Dr. Oz's Name During Bizarre Pennsylvania Rally thumbnail

There was a really awkward moment during a rally for Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania where Trump seems to forget the name of the man he was endorsing.

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Trump was able to restrain himself for quite a while. At least he didn’t make random radio calls to American radio stations or news channels that mention America. But he looked like Doctor Oz at the Pennsylvania rally. This was right after Canon made it official. Perhaps he feels that this has allowed him to do what he wants electorally. At the very minimum, he’s still out there. Let’s have a look at this. Did he look at me? I’m a professional right. I bought a Segway. It was not something I intended to do. Let’s have fun with it. Which clip is it? Bradley? Which one would you like to play? The one about Oz. This is clip number seven. Trump is right there with Dr. Oz. My guy. He looks miserable even when he isn’t speaking. It’s not that I won’t forget the rally in Arizona for Martha. What was her last name? Newsmax’s color palette is identical, thanks to Trump’s. Brand consistency. Oz’s. It’s quite impressive. They’re all my favorite. They are my favorite color. Go and I know of people who have been affected by fentanyl. It could create an American economy that benefits the American people. But, I believe in you all and show you God’s blessings. We have a strong record of endorsing each other. It’s close to 99. That guy is my endorser. That’s what I am telling you. This is what I will tell you every day. He is going to be an amazing representative for Pennsylvania, I will tell you that truth.
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