What happened in Week 4 of Russia’s assault: Mariupol theatre blast, airstrikes across Ukraine

What happened in Week 4 of Russia's assault: Mariupol theatre blast, airstrikes across Ukraine thumbnail

WARNING: This video contains graphic images of death and severe injury at 0: 34 to 0: 54, from 3: 30 to 3: 42, and at 5: 45.

As Russian bombardments intensified in Ukraine this week, a bombing of a Mariupol theatre trapped more than 1000 people. Terrorist scenes were described by civilians trying to flee. Here’s what happened in Ukraine from March 14 to 18.

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00: 00 — Recap of Week 4
0: 35 — Monday, March 14
2: 26 — Tuesday, March 15
3: 24 — Wednesday, March 16
5: 07 –Thursday, March 17
6: 00 — Friday, March 18

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