What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin Explained Simply for Dummies

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin Explained Simply for Dummies thumbnail

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Bitcoin is the first digital currency that can be decentralized. Every transaction on Bitcoin is recorded on a blockchain virtual ledger, which can be accessed by everyone.

Bitcoin allows you to have complete control of your money unlike other assets that are controlled by governments and banks. Bitcoin is becoming more popular and accepted by more countries as a method of payment.

This is Bitcoin in a nutshell. This video will give you a simple explanation of Bitcoin.

0: 50 What is money?
3: 10 – Fiat money
3: 43 – Fiat money drawbacks
4: 25 – Digital money
5: 34 – Centralized money issues
7: 21 – Enter Bitcoin
7: 44 – Bitcoin is transparent
9: 13 – Bitcoin is decentralized
9: 35 – Bitcoin is digital
9: 56 Why is Bitcoin so big news?
11: 45 – Who accepts Bitcoin?
12: 05 – Conclusion

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