What is Bitcoin? How do you mine Bitcoin? [ Bangla Video]

What is Bitcoin? How do you mine Bitcoin? [ Bangla Video] thumbnail

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What is Bitcoin?

Everyone is curious about the Bitcoin price, which can fluctuate so much. Bitcoin, the creator of blockchain technology, can be described as the World Wide Ledger. However, it is extremely complex and there are many definitions. It is analogous to being able send a gold coin by email. It’s a consensus network that allows a new payment system, and completely digital money.

How many bitcoins do you have?
The algorithm was created under Satoshi Nakamoto’s pseudonym, which in Japanese is just as common as Steve Smith. However, the creators set a limit to the number of bitcoins that would ever exist. 21 millions. There are currently more than 12 millions of bitcoins in circulation. This means that there are approximately 9 million bitcoins still available for purchase.

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