WITCHES IN HOLLYWOOD: Silver Screen Witchcraft!

WITCHES IN HOLLYWOOD: Silver Screen Witchcraft! thumbnail

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Entertainment reporter Tim Estiloz profiles some of the best films that depict Witches and Witchcraft in this fun, lighthearted and humorous feature. This feature is full of great clips from classic films that have witches as the main characters, including “The Wizard Of OZ “…” and “The Witches Of Eastwick “…”. It also features the hilarious “Bell, Book and Candle” featuring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. An actual witch from Salem, Massachusetts is available to give her expert opinion on the authenticity and beauty of these wonderful films.

Tim Estiloz produced and wrote this feature. It was originally aired on “Backstage”, a TV entertainment program, which can be seen on CN8 – The Comcast Network.

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