You Can’t Use Cash and Bitcoin is ‘Hijacked,’ the New Financial System Has Started

You Can't Use Cash and Bitcoin is 'Hijacked,' the New Financial System Has Started thumbnail

Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is about the “new monetary system,” says David Morgan, author of The Silver Manifesto and founder of He tells Daniela Cambone that it is impossible to rule out the possibility of a great reset in the event gold is used for settlement of oil and natural gas. Morgan says that a free society is dependent on “free money” and is anxious about the coming digital dollar. Russia will create a new economy that places gold at the center of transactions. “Gold will be an important part of the monetary system.” Morgan says that silver’s future trajectory is “very favorable” today because there will be an insufficient supply to meet industrial demand. He concludes that inflation is more psychological than how much money has been printed and that it is determined more by consumer sentiment than any other factor.

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00: 00 Why Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will evoke a “new monetary system?”
3: 17 The U.S. dollar’s inevitable fate of losing its reserve status
5: 03 How will a U.S. digital dollar’s future play out?
9: 43 Why is bitcoin “hijacked?”
11: 44 What role does gold play in the “new financial system?”
14: 08 Silver outlook
16: 22 Who has more control of money?
17: 56 Morgan’s long-term outlook for silver and gold
18: 59 What will unfold when money becomes worthless?
20: 33 Where do you see inflation is headed?
21: 57 Why wouldn’t gold reach over $3000?